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"Buddy has been so helpful with her expertise on natural healing. She helped me with suggestions to help my 2 year old daughter fall asleep at night. I tried many techniques that did not work. Buddy’s recommendations made a tremendous difference. My daughter was able to quiet down and now sleeps better at night. What a difference her expertise could make in our healthcare field where people are not aware of how many other natural treatments are available to try."

A.B., Registered Nurse

"Buddy’s wellness coaching helped me become more aware of how my daily choices impact my health and wellness. I have implemented many of her diet and exercise recommendations which have helped me lose weight and feel better about myself. I highly recommend wellness coaching as a way to enhance lifestyle behavior change. Reiki was extremely relaxing and calming and brought more peace into my life."

W.L., Physician

"During the four years that Buddy and I have known each other, she has demonstrated a high level of competence and integrity in all of her endeavors. She is passionate about integrative health, hungry to learn about the science of Complementary and Alternative Medicine, and compassionate as a holistic practitioner. Buddy is truly a visionary in the integrative health field. Her energetic, no-nonsense personality is fun to be around and her creative approach to problem-solving makes her an especially-valued resource."

Donna Nowak, CH, CRT Business Executive

"One day while gardening, I strained my back and could not fully straighten-up. Quickly I called Buddy Ross, my long term wellness consultant. After asking me some questions to make sure I did not need immediate medical treatment, she made several recommendations. She taught me how to use a specific over-the-counter homeopathic remedy and herb. After sending a family member to the health food store, I took these remedies. Within minutes , I could feel some relief and a few hours later was able to straighten up. The next day, after a good nights rest, the pain subsided and most of the tightness in my back was gone. She then taught me how to strengthen my back muscles to prevent further injury and how regular reiki treatments could help my muscles to relax. The garden got watered, but to play it safe I used a hose instead of the watering can this time."

J.K., Chemist

"A doctor recommended that I meet with Buddy to help me cope with my chronic health concerns. Buddy helped me realize how some of my daily lifestyle choices, which I thought were harmless, were affecting my health and well being. After several sessions with Buddy I now apply what she taught me. It has resulted in positive changes in my physical and emotional well being."

S.K., Administrative Assistant

"There are few nurses who have such a passion for their practice and who quietly lead. Buddy has a philosophy of holistic care that she translates into every aspect of her professional life. She has included this in her nursing practice and physicians frequently consult with her regarding evidence-based practices for integrated therapies. On a more personal note, Buddy does extensive research to come up with a highly individualized plan of care for her clients and brings passion to her work."

Rosanne Radziewicz, RN, PMHCNS-BC Psychiatric Advanced Practice Nurse

“When my 8 year old son Garret sustained severe dental trauma from colliding with another child in a bounce house, in May of 2012, I was told it would be a miracle if he would keep his two front permanent teeth, because the nerve roots were so severely damaged. His endodontist and oral surgeon said “He will need root canals with dental implants”. I went into “crazy holistic mom” mode and maintained Garret in his wellness home, consisting of alkaline water, whole food nutritional supplements, and his magnetic/infrared bed and pillow. I then added a healing ritual to Garret’s nightly routine, consisting of 10 minutes of Reiki, 10 minutes of rotating magnetic device, 10 minutes of zero energy balancing device, 10 minutes of far infrared lights. I also included his name in ten prayer/healing groups across the US. Garret had a total integrative healing plan, combining the best of integrative and holistic medicine.

Garret’s teeth and nerve roots did survive. His endodontist reported that this case study is a “miracle” and has asked me to present his case to a dental conference in May of 2013.”

Buddy Ann Ross, Holistic Wellness Buddy